Solar Panels

What Is Cool Benefits?

CoolPV combines solar thermal and electric into one panel to both enhance electricity out-put and heat your swimming pool. CoolPV delivers up to four times the energy of standard solar modules in the form of both thermal energy and electricity. It is often referred to as hybrid or photovoltaic/thermal (PVT) technology.

What within the CoolPV thermal tubes cools the solar module, which increases its efficiency and produces more electricity. The heat pulled from the modules and absorbed from the sun is then used to heat the pool.

CoolPV optimizes roof space by combining two energy-producing systems into one package and maintaining your rooftop aesthetics.

CoolPV Benefits

  • Improved PV Electrical Output with Energy To Heat Your Pool.
  • Unique Designs Provides Unmatched Performance
  • Maximum Energy Output From Available Roof Space

How Does CoolPV Benefit Me?

Maximizing energy production from your rooftop has never been easier with FAFCO’s new CoolPV system. This new technology uses your valuable roof space to extend your pool season and even to run your electric meter backwards to save you more money than ever before.

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