Diamond Brite Pool Resurfacing

Diamond Brite Pool Resurfacing

If your concrete pool is looking dingy, worn, pitted, cracked or stained it may be time for a new resurfacing that will have your swimming pool looking new again. Diamond Brite is among the best products on the market for plaster surfaces that include gems, chips, or pebble. You can determine the color and texture of your new pool surface by selection of the different grades and colors. Hang 10 Pools can assist you in a quick turn around for your pool resurfacing.

Diamond Brite and Florida Stucco are the top 2 pool finish brands that we recommend using in South Florida. A close 3rd place goes to SGM, and they look fantastic, however Diamond Brite seems to take precedent when choosing a dark color.

The differences in plaster brands is minimal to the untrained eye, but for pool contractors the rate of hardening, the amount of material inside the plaster mix, and the chemical responsiveness of the plaster mix when water is applied can create several reasons to choose one brand over the other.

Clients often request Diamond Brite because of the popular name brand, even when it wouldn't be the top recommendation for their specific job. Consulting an experienced and licensed pool contractor who specializes in Pool Construction nd Pool resurfacing will give you a major advantage during the 30 day curing period of your new plaster finish.

Diamond Brite Pool Surfaces typically need to be acid washed at least once and then chemically balanced with a low pH and brushed often. The calcium levels in your water need to be properly maintained in order for the pool surface to cure correctly. Improper balance can cause dust, pitting, scalloping and discoloration if the pool finish isn't hydrated properly.

Low calcium in your water will pull calcium from the Diamond Brite making it soft. High calcium in your water will cause build up or scale to appear. Work closely with your builder and pool technician to ensure your pool resurfacing will look it's best as well as last for many years to come.

Diamond Brite Colors

Hang 10 Pools will always recommend choosing a lighter color such as White, Grey, Tan, or Light Blue when choosing a pool plaster. I say this for a few reasons but mainly due to streaking when the plaster is curing. You have to be prepared for some imperfections any time you are planning on a pool resurfacing. This is because the pool surface is troweled on by hand like a work of art, many crew members are wearing special cleated platform shoes and working their way around the pool smoothing a few inches of plaster into shape as it quickly dries. If you've seen them work in person, it would amaze you at the skill and efficiency involved.

Due to the nature of a hand made product, there may be rough spots, lumps, and small imperfections involved. So long as it only reflects the acceptable guidelines of the National Plaster Association, then we must consider the job a success. In order to remove the plaster once it is applied, it must be chipped away from the bonded concrete pool shell by hand and hauled away.

Choosing Colored Diamond Brite for your Pool Resurfacing includes some degree of associate risk. The reward is a gorgeous colored pool, however, be aware of imperfections that may occur.

Popular Diamond Brite colors include the White with Blue Glass Chips, Light Blue, and Dark Blue. If you want a Blue Colored water, these are your best options.

If you like an Aquamarine color tint to your pool, choose Tans, Greys, or Black.

You can find a list of Diamond Brite Colors here.

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