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Expert Pool Contractors

Hang 10 Pools builds custom swimming pools for Developers and Homeowners in Lee and Collier Counties.

Each customer has a dream for their perfect pool, and we ensure that dream is created with a timely, high quality, and fairly priced process. From initial consultation to pool start up day, our Field Staff and Office Staff are available to provide excellent customer service and performance.

Building a pool is typically a lengthy process and you will be committed to working hand in hand with your pool builder for several months along the various stages of the construction process. Utilizing and experienced and knowledgeable pool contractor will help avoid any issues with failed inspections, permitting delays, and work to be redone because it does not meet minimum acceptable standards.

Each pool is literally hand crafted by south Florida's finest artisans, masters in their crafts from tile, to decking, to pool finish. Our trusted team and subcontractors have built relationships that span over 15 years together and thousands of pools. One key component to the successful completion of each beautiful custom swimming pool is the relationships and communication we create with both our customers and our teams.

When Quality Matters, Choose Hang 10 Pools.

Pool Builders Naples FL

Lee County is very diverse in it's landscape and many different obstacles can halt inexperienced pool builders, whether it's nuances of permitting or location based hurdles.

We have built 1000's of pools in Naples FL, from Backyards to Waterfront, every project is planned and delivered with focused execution.

All Collier County Pool Contractors need to be experts in their field to handle the scope of work assigned by affluent home owners with preferences of fine detail. Building a pool in Palm Beach County can leave many pool builders with problems that need to be handled quickly, having a large and experienced team can make all the difference between success and disaster.

The last thing you want is an unfinished or halted hole in your backyard. Our expert pool builders will guide you in preparation for each upcoming phase to ensure a timely and precise project.

There are a few things to be aware of when building a custom swimming pool in Lee County, being prepared for these events will ensure both customer satisfaction and continued progress of the new pool build.

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Luxury Pools and Spas

Many Luxury Builds include Glass Tiles, Diamond Brite Pool Finish, Waterfalls, Inifity Edges, Wet Edges, Porcelain Pool Decking, Swim Treadmills, Lazy Rivers, Grottos, and Spacious Spas.

We build pool designs for dreamers and we love to accommodate eccentric and artistic designers.

If you are looking for a hand crafted work of art, consult our team with your swimming pool idea to get started with creating a project scope.

Whether you're looking to add a new pool to your home, resurface or renovate and existing pool, there are several ways to modernize in your pool construction project.

Many Luxury pool builders opt in for the addition of sun shelves, fountains, spas, swim jets, water features, lazy rivers and infinity edges.

Taking an existing pool and making structural changes with reinforced steel and adding new plumbing can be a challenge for many, but we have done these projects many times per year for the past few decades.

Digging and plumbing new return lines, and forming an overflow channel, we can modify a plain pool into an infinity edge.

One popular choice for real estate investors is the addition of a tiled oversized spill over spa, adding a luxury experience for the winter renters to enjoy during their stays.

For the active lifestyle, the addition of a powerful swim jet system can transform your old swimming pool into a water treadmill for stationary lap swimming against a powerful and controlled current.

We have also added play areas like sunshelves with bubblers and splash fountains for the grandkids to enjoy, with automation to return to a relaxing atmosphere with ledge loungers and umbrella stands for a relaxing pool experience.

If you have an idea for an insane pool, nothing is too big for us to handle. When you're ready to make a renovation to your South Florida pool home, Hang 10 Pools can assist in transforming your old pool into a custom aquatic masterpiece.

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Luxury pools and spas


Florida Luxury Pools

What defines a luxury pool isn't the cost itself, but more so the features, details and presentation. We build luxury custom swimming pools each year in Palm Beach County, Martin County, Broward County and the surrounding areas like Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter. If you're looking for information on Florida Luxury Pools, let's dive right on in (pun intended).‍Many Luxury Custom Home Builders in South Florida choose Hang 10 Pools to appease their high end clientele.

Hang 10 Pool Care Guide

Congratulations on becoming a new Hang 10 Pool Owner! This guide will serve to assist you in familiarizing yourself with various aspects of how your pool works and what you should do to care for it properly. Each swimming pool is unique and depends on the scope of work and equipment that was contracted for your custom design, so while most of the information in the guide will help you, there may be cases in which further research is required. Once you understand how your pool operates, you can sit back in your favorite pool lounger and enjoy peace of mind as your soak up the tranquil vibes of a South Florida afternoon.

Paradise Pools | Hang 10 Pools

Sun, Sand, a Warm Breeze, Palm Trees and the rippling of Cool Blue water awaits you in Palm Beach Gardens FL where Paradise Pools into tangible Swimming Pools. Hang 10 Pools has been building custom swimming pools in Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Broward County and has created some insane and amazing backyard oasis that happy homeowners call Paradise.

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