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7 Features of Florida Luxury Pools

What defines a luxury pool isn't the cost itself, but more so the features, details and presentation. We build luxury custom swimming pools and fiberglass each year in Vero Beach, Port St Lucie, Naples, Palm Beach County, Martin County, Broward County and the surrounding areas like Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter. If you're looking for information on Florida Luxury Pools, let's dive right on in (pun intended).

Many Luxury Custom Home Builders in South Florida choose Hang 10 Pools to appease their high end clientele. Likewise some of the areas top real estate agents provide our contact for design proposals and estimates on custom luxury pool builds prior to finalizing the purchase on their estates. We've made a list of 7 features that define Luxury when Building a Florida Swimming Pool.

  1. Contemporary Pool Design
  2. Spa
  3. Water Features
  4. Decking
  5. Lights
  6. Automation
  7. Swim Up Bars and Benches

Contemporary Pool Design

The design of the pool itself alludes to a luxurious feel, whether you choose to wow your guests with a sprawling expanse of backyard oasis, or decide to focus the build around adding dimension to your pool with freeform curves, nooks, or play areas. Many luxury pools have separate swim and play areas entirely.

Contemporary Pool Design is what you might expect to see when you visit a modern resort, with sharp angles and extra wide coping, expansive step entries and the addition of a modern water element like infinity edges or wet edge troughs.

By choosing a custom swimming pool in the contemporary style, you will set your pool apart from the average peanut shape or standard rectangle. Show stopping pool designs can incorporate sunshelves, seating stools, and even slides.

Luxury Spa

Who doesn't want a luxury spa? There are two styles of Spa that define a Luxury Florida Pool and that's a raised spa with spillover or an water level spa that seems continuous to the pool and gives a glassy sheen to the entire pool. The latter is designed to keep the spa water hot and still be able to control the pool temperature separately.

Luxury Spas are typically Tiled with glass tiles and feature extra width for seating guests as well as a booster pump installed with blower to add fun therapy bubbles in addition to the relaxing heating element.

Luxury Spa builds in South Florida that are raised tend to be built to spill over as a wet edge, which means all sides spill over into a recessed channel in the decking and is circulated back into the spa or pool as selected.

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Water Features

Water Features are a great way to add both therapeutic and aesthetic elements to your poolscape. Popular Luxury Swimming Pools that we've built in Palm Beach County and Broward County have included Arc Waterfalls, Deck Jets, Bubblers, Fountains, and even Swim Jets.

One of the most popular options among the sporty and younger affluent clients is the BADU Swim Jet 2. This allows the user to press a touch button in the pool to create a powerful twin jet stream that acts as a water treadmill. It's also been a popular choice lately for therapeutic lap swimming among those with rehabilitation needs.

The addition of a raised wall allows elegant ledger stone tiles to be decorated underneath sleek arc waterfalls. The waterfalls provide a nice ripple to the water and ambient noise to enjoy while you are relaxing poolside.


Decking choices can make all the difference for a luxury pool: try choosing extra wide coping and sticking with an upgraded material like marble or ceramic. This hard surfaced material shows little gaps between the pieces and when done in a French pattern it is very pleasing to the eye. If you have elderly or little ones, marble and ceramic can get slick when wet so Deco Drains, Use of pool slippers, or choosing sandblasted texture may be good choices.

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Wide Pavers are IN when it comes to luxury pools. The wide cut marble allows more natural grain to show through and less cuts give a larger than life appearance. Another popular choice is combining the extra wide coping with an artificial turf with inlaid marble stepping stones and rock hardscaping around well placed planters and palm trees. Consult your interior designer or our pool experts for a cohesive look based on your style.


Pool lights can look cheesy and cheap if placed incorrectly. You can change the atmosphere of your pool with well placed pool lights, in the water, in water features like arc waterfalls / bubblers, and even under the lip of your coping. Combining soft light of 6w and bright depth lights of 24w will create the luxurious appearance you're dreaming of. Lighting makes all the difference for evening pool use.

You can choose to upgrade your lighting and automate it to control from your phone or control panel in the home.

Pool lights can also be combined with underwater speakers by Clark Synthesis to give the ultimate underwater experience.


The Tech Era is growing more advanced every day, and we recommend the latest in automation to connect your pool and home and be in ease of control for Heating, Lighting, Timing, Features and more. Being able to quickly and effortlessly change pool and spa settings is everything a busy luxury pool owner could want. Easily switch between various modes and lightings and save your favorite preset modes with Jandy Automation from anywhere in the world.

Connect your underwater speakers and your home speakers for continuous and seamless music for entertaining indoors, outdoors and submerged.

With Automation you can set temperature points for Spa and Pool Seperatly and control with your Gulftstream Heater and Chiller Combo.

Swim up Bars and Benches

Florida Luxury Pools feature fun additions to hang out, play, relax and gather. By building a swim up bar, guests can be entertained by your hired staff or attendant from the comfort of the pool without the strain of climbing out and drying off to get a beverage. This stops the pooling of water in your home from the constant foot traffic. Adding benches and submerged stools along with ledge loungers gives plenty of gathering areas for guests to continue private conversations, share quiet time together, or mingle.

By adding spacious room in the center of the pool for swimming and mixing gathering areas around the pool you create a playful feel alongside the luxury pool wonder.

Use of fun or elegant tiles for detailing the waterline, swim out ledges, bars and even mosaics will add luxury elements to your pool while retaining class.

If you're looking for a Florida Luxury Pool Builder, call Hang 10 Pools to chat with our designer and estimator to get your free consultation. We can schedule a convenient time to visit your home site, draft various designs for your pool and build your dream pool.

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