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Paradise Pools

Sun, Sand, a Warm Breeze, Palm Trees and the rippling of Cool Blue water awaits you in Palm Beach Gardens FL where Paradise Pools into tangible Swimming Pools. Hang 10 Pools has been building custom swimming pools since 1994 in Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Broward County and has created some insane and amazing backyard oasis that happy homeowners call Paradise.

What are Paradise Pools? Well, it's your happy place! The theme of a pool that makes it into a Paradise is typically the Island or Beach theme, and the surrounding yard to match. Beach Entry Pools are becoming more common in South Florida if you have the Yard Space to allow it. Other features like Rock Water Falls and Colorful Fish Mosaic Tiles can be added to create the Paradise Pools look.

Here are some amazing Pools to inspire your imagination when you are thinking about building your own custom swimming pool.


Beach Entry Pools

A Beach Entry pool is a special design the incorporates a gradual slope that casts a natural looking entry to the water that is fun for small children, adults and those who are physically impaired as well. Want to spice up your build? Consider adding water features like lighted bubblers to your shallow end and you can transform your paradise into a splash park! The Beach entry slope is also an alluring aspect for those seeking Paradise Pools as it allows for the ever popular Ledge Lounger Chairs to be placed similar to pools that feature a sunshelf.

Beach entry pools are similar to the modular styled Zero Entry Pools, that are more contemporary and sharp angled, except that they feature free formed designs with natural colored plaster or even pebbletec pool finish.

Coupling your Beach Entry Pool with A rock waterfall feature or a spillover spa adds to the ambient water sounds that complete the Paradise Pools feel. Emerse all of your senses and relax in the heated pool water, listening to the soft cascading water while sitting in your favorite lounger. You can even elect to install umbrella sleeves in the shallow end to optionally host respite from the summer sun.

How does a Beach Entry Pool filtrate the water you ask? I'm glad you did. The beach entry pools have a skimmer much like normal pools but also use an element of the infinity edge pools that we build: the scum gutter. It is covered with a decorative white plate in the shallow end and there is a channel beneath it, so that when water passes over it creates a suction. The magic to keeping your pool primed is the installation of calculated and engineered water returns to constantly keep the gutter slightly flowing. This way no debris will sit idle and will be diverted to the filter.

Paradise Pools
Small Beach Entry Pool

If You're interested in building a Paradise Pool in South Florida, join the ranks of our many happy customers in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Boynton Beach or the surrounding areas please contact us today.

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Colton Woodard built a successful pool company in Tallahassee FL at a young age, building it to a Nationally recognized brand "Lil Duckies Pool Company". After a number of years, Woodard sold his business and partnered with Craft Master Custom Pools owner Jim Hansen to study the art of Pool Construction as a protege.

Colton now holds a State License and is the head contractor and owner of Hang 10 Pools.

Colton's passion about pools and chemistry go hand in hand. He graduated from University of Central Florida in Health Sciences (Pre Clinical) prior to becoming a full time Entrepreneur. His first business was selling colored shoelaces in the 6th grade and he has loved it ever since.

Now Woodard takes pride in the tradition of excellent Swimming Pools that Hang 10 Pools has been building since 2019.

Colton Woodard

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