Fort Lauderdale Pool Contractor

Fort Lauderdale Pool Contractor

"Pool Builder Near Me Fort Lauderdale", you just typed into the google search in a desperate attempt to find someone to build your dream pool. Today it's hard to find a reliable Fort Lauderdale Pool Contractor with experience that will actually pick up the phone or answer an email request. The reality is that the good pool contractors are getting older and are swamped with work with the influx of wealthy homeowners and real estate developers focusing on New projects and renovations in Fort Lauderdale.

Yes, Hang 10 Pools builds swimming pools in Fort Lauderdale despite being located in West Palm Beach. Fort Lauderdale is an hour commute for our crews to do a majority of the work for your custom swimming pool in Ft. Lauderdale, but we utilize skilled and trusted subcontractors local to the area that have worked with us for the past few decades. Many South Florida Pool Builders and Subcontractors have generational businesses that pass the trade along to their children, offering a lasting connection and chain of command.

Building swimming pools in Fort Lauderdale isn't too much different than building Delray Beach Pools, the depth and water management being about the same difficulty level as Boynton Beach Pools. Permitting processes for Broward County vs Palm Beach County have slight variance to note, but our expert office staff is able to guide you smoothly along the permit process and advise of timelines and line items needing completion. Various tasks such as scheduling inspections and pulling permits will be executed in house and you'll be notified of important dates and what to expect, leaving a hassle free experience during the pool construction process.

Currently for Fort Lauderdale Pool Construction we are expecting a slightly longer pool build estimation of 5 to 6 months vs 3 to 4 months to completion in Palm Beach County. Various roadblocks and congestion at the municipal level is causing some setbacks in stages of the construction process, so planning your pool completion date with a longer buffer will avoid disapointment if your projected completion date is set back.

Fort Lauderdale Pool Contractors are required to be licensed with the Department of Business Regulation under the State of Florida, with an active CPC license number. A General Contractor who builds homes, typically is responsible to enlist the services of a Certified Pool Contractor such as Hang 10 Pools. However, there are plenty of savvy homeowners who forego using a contractor and elect to self contract the swimming pool company directly for a Sunsational proposal.

Building a Custom Swimming Pool in Fort Lauderdale

Several aspects come into play when you're thinking about pulling the trigger on building your custom swimming pool in Fort Lauderdale. These factors include the pre design checklist, designing / idea board, project scope, proposal and estimation, contract, permitting, progress stages, and warranty period.

Pinterest is a great starting point to gather ideas for design, features, and material choices. We've built a sample board that may help you get creative ideas started here:

Choosing a Fort Lauderdale Pool Contractor who can act as a one stop shop will save you both money and headaches in the long run. Working with the in house designers and estimator at Hang 10 Pools, you'll be able to compare and contracts both benefits and cost effectiveness of design choices and material selections.

The first step to building a pool in ft Lauderdale is to have your survey and plat ready. You can check with the Clerk of County here to request the documents if you don't have them handy. This will ensure we can build a swimming pool in your back yard or even side yard. Some beach properties are exempt to build in the front yard or even within the home. We've built some insane pools in South Florida. We've even built rooftop pools in Fort Lauderdale, the sky is the limit...or perhaps just your HOA is.

We recently wrote an article about Doublewide Shipping Container Pools, which we can install as a backup option if your land doesn't support a custom inground swimming pool.

Once you've verified we can build a pool in your yard, we will determine your property set backs to advise the maximum sizes and designs of pool you can create. This is where your idea board will come into play. If you choose some different pool designs you love from sites such as Pinterest or imgur, you can bring them to the table with our designer to take the different aspects and create something custom from scratch. You can then elect from thousands of material choices for coping, decking and tile with combinations for pool finish to match.

The construction process is broken down into 6 stages, in which most people elect to do progress payments (or pay as you go). For some, financing your pool builder payments is an economical option.

Whether you're building a pool in Port St. Lucie or Fort Lauderdale the steps are the same, there are some different requirements in the separate permit departments but we can help you navigate the process easily. If you need Fort Lauderdale pool builders call or email today for your free estimate and consultation.

If you're a social media lover, you'll enjoy our awesome Instagram feed where we post recent projects so be sure to check it out here:

About the Author

Colton Woodard built a successful pool company in Tallahassee FL at a young age, building it to a Nationally recognized brand "Lil Duckies Pool Company". After a number of years, Woodard sold his business and partnered with Craft Master Custom Pools owner Jim Hansen to study the art of Pool Construction as a protege.

Colton now holds a State License and is the head contractor and owner of Hang 10 Pools.

Colton's passion about pools and chemistry go hand in hand. He graduated from University of Central Florida in Health Sciences (Pre Clinical) prior to becoming a full time Entrepreneur. His first business was selling colored shoelaces in the 6th grade and he has loved it ever since.

Now Woodard takes pride in the tradition of excellent Swimming Pools that Hang 10 Pools has been building since 2019.

Colton Woodard

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