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Sunsational Pools

When you're looking for a Swimming Pool Contractor to build Sunsational Pools in Palm Beach County, Craft Master Custom Pools is the clear choice! With almost 30 years of expertise in building custom pools in South Florida, we can take your dreams of having a sparkling pool in the sun with dazzling mosaic tiles and make it come to life!

What are Sunsational Pools?

Sunsational Pools are pool designs that incorporate both elements of Sun and Sensational Designs. Bright, Beautiful and Dazzling Pools with plenty of luxurious detail. Other fun pool design ideas include Treasure Pools and Champion Pools in South Florida!

Sunsational Pool Designs

Here are some ideas for some Sunsational Pool Designs for your next lookbook when designing a pool in Palm Beach County.

For a Pool Design that is Contemporary, try combining dimension like Sun Shelves, Ledge Loungers, and Raised Beam Arc Waterfalls.

Next when choosing your tiles, try to incorporate shimmering glass tiles with colorful mosaic tiles for a truly sunsational pool look.

If your enjoy Freeform Pool Design, you might want to try out adding a Grotto! Grottos can add a fun play element to your pool and add ambient noise to your back yard. It will provide a small amount of shade to your sunny pool deck.

Sunsational Pools

To create a Sunsational Pool Design, use the position of the sun in your backyard to ensure it stays sunny all day long. In Broward County FL it's hot almost year round, so designing a pool with relief from the direct sunlight might be a good idea, many opt to add an umbrella sleeve in the sunshelf to relax in the shade in their favorite lounge chairs.

Your pool's interior finish can play a big part in the pool's final appearance, and the color changes with the type of finish that you select. For Gem finishes use a White or Light Blue to keep a bright appearance. You can add extra Gems to your plaster like Double Blue Sky from Diamond Brite or Florida Stucco to create a Sunsational Pool Finish.

If you prefer a more natural, beach, pool finish try the green gems instead of the blue, and use a tan plaster color, or even pebble finish as opposed to Diamond Brite.

If you're looking to build a custom sunsational pool in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, or nearby cities give us a call 8005494701 today for your free consultation.

About the Author

Colton Woodard built a successful pool company in Tallahassee FL at a young age, building it to a Nationally recognized brand "Lil Duckies Pool Company". After a number of years, Woodard sold his business and partnered with Craft Master Custom Pools owner Jim Hansen to study the art of Pool Construction as a protege.

Colton now holds a State License and is the head contractor and owner of Hang 10 Pools.

Colton's passion about pools and chemistry go hand in hand. He graduated from University of Central Florida in Health Sciences (Pre Clinical) prior to becoming a full time Entrepreneur. His first business was selling colored shoelaces in the 6th grade and he has loved it ever since.

Now Woodard takes pride in the tradition of excellent Swimming Pools that Hang 10 Pools has been building since 2019.

Colton Woodard

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