Contemporary Swimming Pool Builders South Florida

Contemporary Swimming Pool Builders South Florida

Old School Pools had funky designs, quirky diving boards, big chunky paver coping, round shapes everywhere and even completely tiled bottoms (which is coming back into style now) but this isn't your parent's South Florida anymore! Homeowners are seeking Contemporary Swimming Pool Builders for sleek, modern, and fresh styles in their swimming pool design and have been working with Hang 10 Pools to create these plans.

Contemporary Pools are mostly angular, simplistic and conforming designs that blend into geometric and symmetrical bliss. In short, if you're looking to build a contemporary swimming pool in Palm Beach County Florida you're probably looking to combine elements of congruency, multi levels, and even vanishing edges or infinity edges.

When planning to build a contemporary pool, look at some popular designs to grab some inspiration on sites like Pinterest. You can see that these pools focus on utilizing visual elements and sharp edges with spilling water.

To create these effects you can build runnels, troughs, spillways, arc waterfalls and various features that increase the beauty and aesthetics of your backyard oasis. Many expert touches have to be added in order for these types of pools to work effectively. An experienced pool builder will know how to incorporate strong floor jets and booster motors to create the proper spillover effect for vanishing edges and spillways.

You can build your custom pool with angular and geometric features like sunshelves, cascading extra wide stairs, coves, and flush wet edge spas. Things like grottos, and deck jets distract from the modular look of the pool, while fire bowls, glass bowls, and even acrylic panel walls can really express the South Florida Contemporary Pool Builders style.

Building a Contemporary Swimming Pool in South Florida

As South Florida Swimming pool builders since 1994, we've seen trends come and go but it looks like the contemporary style may be here to stay for a while. Renovators, Flippers and designers alike are choosing sharp designs with congruent shapes and light or grey color materials that provide a soft glow next to a dark earthen tone wood selection. Whether you're in Boynton Beach resurfacing a Sunsational pool or in Miami building a custom home, the popular design elements will remain appealing for many years to come.

For example, elements of white sandblasted marble and dark walnut hardwood combine contrast design elements and play to the theme of two different types of nature.

The sandblasted marble is a popular choice for Contemporary Swimming Pools in South Florida because it is soft on the feet without becoming slick when wet. Parents or Grandparents of younger children tend to choose the sandblasted finish texture while high earning young couples are choosing a glass like finish. Combining Marble, Glass, and Wood gives the contemporary look it's signature appearance. Many pool builders are selling light and dark blue finishes which project a deep luxurious color. However, the contemporary swimming pool design relies on the use of soft lighting and the dark blue will distract from the overall look of the backyard oasis.

Should you desire a darker blue water in your swimming pool, elect to utilize double blue glass chips in your pool finish like diamond brite or florida stucco brands. This will give a darker pool water reflection while adhering to the contemporary swimming pool theme.

Contemporary pool design is also incorporating synthetic turf inlaid with the marble decking as well as rock scaping and palm trees in South Florida. The rockscaping and synthetic turf create a cleaner atmosphere free of dirty footprints, mud, and grass clippings. Many design aspects are discussed when planning your custom pool build with your project manager at Craft Master Custom Pools. These little details make a huge difference in the enjoyment of your pool, akin to a luxury car, the fine touch is what makes all the difference.

Examples of Contemporary Swimming Pools in South Florida

Here are a few examples of some simple Contemporary Swimming Pools built recently to define the references above. You can note many of the geometric and contrast design elements and selections of sleek and luxurious materials with cohesive angles and edges. We have built insane pools in Port St Lucie, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Fort Lauderdale, and all over South Florida.

Contemporary Swimming Pools South Florida
Using Sharp angles, white marble and blue pool finish illustrates contrast in the design elements and adding features and dimensions with glass or acrylic pieces ties together a very modern and contemporary feel.

Contemporary Swimming Pools South Florida
Contemporary Style Pools will use White and Grey decking to let the contrast of the pool color shine. The Rock Scape provides a clean atmosphere and simplistic look which ties to the natural themes. Addition of a matching fascia on the spa and water features as well as angular coves and sun shelves give the desired design its characteristics.

Taking a simple rectangular pool and adding cut out swim benches with extra jets can give the relaxing play areas dimension as well as a fun feature to enjoy. Using a tiled arc waterfall with pillars can draw the eye towards the end of the pool and create a cohesive 3d look.

Contemporary Swimming Pools South Florida
The use of arc waterfalls, angular sun shelf and angular wide steps creates an easy entry to the pool and appeals to the eye. Using an extra wide Coping is a smart choice when choosing artificial turf as your decking, it gives the pool a richer and fuller appearance.

Contemporary Swimming Pools South Florida
Utilizing tiles edges on wet edge, Infiniti edge or zero edge pools and spas gives a very modern design look. Using sharp angles and breaking the linear shape creates play areas and privacy for swimmers to enjoy. The tile matches the hues of the pool finish, while the decking provides a soft light backdrop for the glass tiles to shine in the reflection. Using light to your advantage also works as a great concept in your contemporary pool build.

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