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Treasure Pools

Palm Beach County is known as the treasure coast, and homeowners here take their pools very seriously; many cherishing them as treasure pools. Some homeowners or real estate investors estimate the value that adding a custom swimming pool to a home in west palm beach or the surrounding areas akin to treasure itself. In the south Florida market, a pool home can sell for almost $100k more than its neighboring counterparts, leading to an increase in pool contracts since the recent real estate market inflation hike.

With hot summer temperatures over 90 degrees and rising each day, many folks treasure pools as a source to escape the heat and enjoy a moment of cool. There’s more to a pool than it’s home value addition, and the enjoyment of your backyard oasis can seem to be worth more than gold itself. There’s a lot of folks with ailments that treasure pools with heated spas as well to assist in warming muscle tensions, easing joint aches and increasing blood flow.

Let‘s talk about something really cool when designing a pool….themes and mosaics! Treasure pools themes include pirate ships, sharks, treasure chests, rustic decking, and glass beads reminiscent to rubies, sapphires and other jewels.

Designing Treasure Themed Pools

There are a few style archetypes that come to mind when building Treasure Pools in South Florida and these include Aladdin, Pirate, Kings, Dragons, National Treasure, Sinbad and Indiana Jones! Also if you're a millennial like me, you're probably thinking of that scene with the Goonies where he says "Goonies Never say Die" and they fight on the pirate ship.

Another cool choice is for our sports fans out there if you like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you could do a pirate ship waterfall that spills into the pool.

Basically, you can design an simple pool with small glinting elements of elegant tiles, colorful mosaics, or go full blown theme park in the back yard for some wild Florida fun.

Pirate Themed Treasure Pools

Pirate themed treasure pools are always a hit for kids and adults alike. If you enjoy hosting backyard events and parties or just want the feel of a real life movie while you tan your "booty", then choosing elements of pirate themes or beach entry pools is a sensible choice. The beach entry pools give you the ocean at home theme and pairing this with grottos and rock waterfalls will enhance the forbidden island raiding pirate theme to the max. The playful nature and inspirational waterscape is perfect for those who work from home and spend a lot of time looking out the window at the pool during the day... or whom are in the pool during work hours (it's ok we will keep your secret safe).


Our Hang 10 Pool Pinterest is a great collection of ideas to get you started designing you very own Treasure Pool. Pick out some design elements, ideas, colors, tile choices and contact our design team to get you started on building a custom pool just to your liking and specifications.

Pirate treasure Pool

This Theme Park Treasure Pool features a massive life sized Pirate Ship that flows water streams from its canons. To create this effect you'll need to rely on the addition of booster pumps for each water feature, with the strength increasing for the volume and height of the water you're planning to move. Remember that water is pretty dense and heavy mass, imagine carrying two gallon jugs of water up a stair case. Now imaging carrying 5000 to 10000 of those, that's the typical gallons in a small swimming pool. A commercial pool of this nature at the water park averages about 300000 gallons. Typically you could expect a 10HP main pump and 2 additional 5HP pumps for the water features. High Rate Sand Filters or the Accordion shaped DE Grid Packs in a Surge Tank are used for the filtration system.

I digress, let's talk more about design and less about function as pirates care about the here and now.

Using Styrofoam and Concrete it's possible to shape features for Grottos, Waterfalls, Rocks, Pirate Ships, and even Statues depending on your design plans. This is typically how most themed pools create their look. Rebar is placed through the styrofoam mold and it is concreted to the deck this way. This also makes it water resistant, not water proof, grout will need touched up after time like anything else.

Aquamarine colors and beige or tan sand like colors for plaster and decking are essential for a pirate themed treasure pool. Staying away from fake looking black or dark blue, we aim to mimic the natural hues of the beach and ocean, and direct sunlight will add the clean gleam in the water that you're looking for.

For decking, I would recommend "Gold" Travertine from USA Marble, one of our trusted suppliers here in West Palm Beach. Gold Travertine has a rustic orange and yellow hue that matches any treasure map but it has rich qualities and when wet, the natural appearing facets and veins come out and it's gorgeous. Since we're building Treasure Pools, Gold is the only appropriate choice.

Gold Travertine Treasure Pools
Gold Travertine Decking for Treasure Pools

For the pool interior finish, I would suggest using Emerald Sea or Aqua Clear Gem Finshes from Florida Stucco. I would spend the extra in materials to add double the regular amount of green glass chips that will give the pool a significant increase in color glint like emeralds in the ocean. Pairing green with gold is an amazing combination and looks very good, my other suggestion would be Pebbletec, but I'll save that for the Beach Entry Treasure Pools section below.

Aqua Clear Treasure Pools Finish
You can see the emerald colored gems in the pool finish along with quartz. Adding double the green than standard will give off a nice shine.

A famous pool appeared on the show HGTV Pool Kings that showcased an amazing pirate themed pools, perhaps the most epic of all time. It was designed by Caviness Landscape Design and cost over $1M dollars. The pool incorporated elements of Grottos, Waterfalls, Swim Up Bars, even a secret treasure room with animated pirates! This pool was INSANE, similar to something you would find at Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Orlando at Disney.

You can see the pirate pool tour in this TikTok video above, and all the details that went into making it spectacular! In an interview with The Oklahoman, Caviness explained the details that went into creating his Treasure Pool.

"When the waterfall is on, 1,600 gallons of water per minute is coming over the fall. We have enormous pumps.The sound of the water drowns away all of the stress." -Kathy Caviness

Resorts like Caribbean Key, have entire pirate themed sections of pool, splash pad, and amusement rides. Other property gurus are using builds like this as an attractive stay and play option with tree forts and pirate ship playgrounds included to garnish bigger vacation pricing for visitors to Palm Beach County.

Another resort style pool called Pirates Cove is actually a private residence in Nevada built by Wetscapes Pools and Spas. The entire residence is pirate themed and features waterslides, deck jets, waterfalls, grottos and more.

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Colton now holds a State License and is the head contractor and owner of Hang 10 Pools.

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