Doublewide Shipping Container Pool

Doublewide Shipping Container Pool

Maybe you've seen the craze of the shipping container conversions into swimming pools that include cool acrylic see through sides, manufactured steps and ledges, and even a convenient self contained equipment room? Typically Shipping Containers come in a variety of sizes ranging from 20', 40' and 40' HC which stands for high cube. Due to US Regulations from the DOT, or department of transportation, shipping containers are limited to 8.5' in width and about 11' in height. However, now it's possible to make modifications inside workshops to create a doublewide shipping container pool. This process is much like the way construction companies are creating offices, work stations, and even multi level housing from repurposed shipping containers.

The Original Container Pool

It all began with a dumpster conversion that exploded on Pinterest and the rest of the internet, made by architect Stefan Beese from New Orleans, owner of The Pool Box idea was an instant hit and began inspiring homeowners and small manufacturers alike to join in on the rising shipping container pool trend. Beese took an old dumpster container and dug the hole, compacted rocks as the base, dropped it in place and core drilled two holes in the side for suction and return. He lined the container with a blue vinyl material and adhered it to the metal pool. To provide access to the pool, he then built a nice wooden deck patio around it.

The cost? Stefan Beese advised in an interview with DailyMail that his container estimated $2000 USD and the labor and materials another $5000 USD. This original pool build and low cost gave many manufactures dreams of big profits to cash in on the swimming pool craze.

An Above ground pool can be beneficial for those whose land or HOA won't allow an unground swimming pool. Being a portable and temporary option, it can be dissembled and taken away with relatively little cost and planning. Even something small like this will need proper permitting and installation by a licensed contractor as well as city approval and proper waste water management consultation.

Popular Shipping Container Pool Brands

Connecting 2 shipping containers together is a very difficult process, as demonstrated by the shipping container guys. However, if you're looking for a doublewide shipping container pools it's possible to enlist one of the following companies to provide a quote on scope of work to make your dream a reality.


The most popular shipping container pool brand in the world is Modpools. Modpools is one of the original manufactures to create the container pools and they became famous for their work with the acrylic glass wall. Paul Rathnam and his wife began Modpools in 2017, where he build prototypes of various sorts until he figured out the coating and insulation for the container to prevent rusting. It's a coating similar to Diamond Brite Plaster, and their are even fiberglass insert options. This changed the future of shipping container pool manufacturing, straying away from the original vinyl liner idea.

container pool

Rathnam had a company that created mobile offices from shipping containers, so his expertise was the perfect addition to jumpstarting the blossoming industry to where it has grown today. Modpools has sold reportedly over 900 Shipping container pools in North America as of 2022. I reached out to their sales department and was provided schematics as well as pricing and even delivery and installation instructions. Ranging around $45000, the delivery is prepared from Modpools via flatbed freight and a delivery date is provided. Your pool contractor or the homeowner will need to supply the survey and pull permits for the pool as well as arrange a crane to arrive on site the day of delivery to unload the pool.

A compacted gravel base, and electrical hookups will need to be secured ahead of time. Then, it's fill the pool and swim. Once the paperwork and red tape are cleared, it is actually a pretty quick and easy process compared to new pool construction.

Trek Pools

As seen on the popular Youtube Channel "This Old House" (with over 1.9 Million subscribers), Trek Pools explains the process of adding a Shipping Container Pool to your home.

Trek Pools takes a different customization approach and welds all of their interior details out of steel inside the pool prior to sandblasting and coating with multiple layers of elastic top coat to keep the pool sealed. Founder Joel Cookston is busy with production times of 6 to 8 months out currently according to their website.

Trek Pools was the original manufacturer to add additional shipping container areas to pools to create sunshelves and even the Doublewide Container Pool.

doublewide shipping container pool

Container Pools Vs. Inground Pools

While a shipping container pool is a cool novelty, there are a few factors to consider if you're deciding to purchase one.

The depth of a container pool is usually one level across. If you plan on creating a slope or even a deep end for diving, perhaps a container pool is not for you. Likewise container pools don't allow for choosing freeform designs, deck jets or other water features, or even waterline tiles. A container pool will usually be a few feet off of the ground, as they cannot be fully submerged into your yard.

If your home is build on a steep hill not suited for a custom swimming pool, a container pool may be the best option for you. Also, if you're in Delray Beach, or a similar area with lots of sand: the lack of a container pool main drain may leave you with a challenge on removing the fine debris.

There are many reasons to buy a container swimming pool as well as a custom swimming pool. You may be able to purchase and install a shipping container pool that is remade and ready to ship with a month vs. the 3 to 4 month average project timeline that it takes for Hang 10 Pools to build a Boynton Beach Swimming Pool.

About the Author

Colton Woodard built a successful pool company in Tallahassee FL at a young age, building it to a Nationally recognized brand "Lil Duckies Pool Company". After a number of years, Woodard sold his business and partnered with Craft Master Custom Pools owner Jim Hansen to study the art of Pool Construction as a protege.

Colton now holds a State License and is the head contractor and owner of Hang 10 Pools.

Colton's passion about pools and chemistry go hand in hand. He graduated from University of Central Florida in Health Sciences (Pre Clinical) prior to becoming a full time Entrepreneur. His first business was selling colored shoelaces in the 6th grade and he has loved it ever since.

Now Woodard takes pride in the tradition of excellent Swimming Pools that Hang 10 Pools has been building since 2019.

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