Pool Resurfacing Boca Raton

Pool Resurfacing Boca Raton

If you are looking for Pool Resurfacing in Boca Raton, you may have: OId, Stained, Chipped, or Worn Pool Finish among issues like cracks and missing tiles or coping and want a modern fresh look. At Hang 10 Pools, we can do simple Pool Resurfacing as well as Full Service Contemporary Pool Renovations, adding Sunshelves, Spas, Infinity Edges and More. Whether you're looking to update to a Colored Diamond Brite Pool Plaster, Add Fresh Glass Tiles, or Plumb a Swimming Treadmill we have the Skill, Knowledge and Experience to create your dream Pool Renovation.

Hang 10 Pools has completed many renovations in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas for happy homeowners. A common case is those flocking to the warmth and fun of the South Florida lifestyle who purchase a Pool House and want to make some immediate improvements to the outdated home and Swimming Pool. Many local realtors and Luxury Home Builders choose Hang 10 Pools when they want a Pool Resurfacing or Renovation because of our long standing reputation, glowing reviews, and our attention to detail and commitment to quality.

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When you're ready for a quote on your pool resurfacing there are a few things to consider.

What to Expect During Pool Resurfacing in Boca Raton

The first thing to ask is what is the scope of work that will be performed for my pool resurfacing and will it involve any structural changes? Be aware that if you are making structural changes to the pool then there will be permitting, and various phases involved in your project that will consume some time. It's good practice to plan ahead and do your pool renovations during a time when you would normally be using it less. Also another good practice is to consider the access to the pool and the consequences of heavy machinery and even wheel barrows. Fences, bushes, and structures may need removed or risk damage when accessing the back yard and grass (including your neighbors) will likely be ruined during construction work. You'll need to prepare for these situations by speaking with your neighbor and advising them about the project, and also budgeting for sod replacement or fencing sections.

Pool Plaster is a messy process initially but can typically be completed in just 2 to 3 days. The first step is to drain the pool and remove any hollow spot of the old plaster. As a pool finish ages, it begins to separate from the concrete shell behind it. The hollow spots must be chipped away and filled with new bond coat, and the old finish is then cleaned thoroughly with vacuuming and acid to prep the surface for optimal adhesion.

Tiles can also be chipped or cracked during the pool resurfacing project so it's typically standard procedure to chip away the old tiles and apply fresh ones. The suggestion comes from concerns about the aged grout which could cause leaks or generally look unappealing. Most clients are glad that they upgraded an old tile as well, there are thousands of amazing varieties available to choose from.

If you're in need of some pool inspiration try browsing through our collection of past projects on Pinterest or Youtube. We have a great assortment of ideas that may inspire your color choices.


If you're looking to add water features, a spa, or a swim jet system then new plumbing will need to be created and your pool equipment updated. A back flow valve is installed for features placed above grade level, but the addition of a larger pool pump or booster pump will likely need installed to create adequate pressure when fighting against gravity and the weight of several thousand gallons of water.

In short, our expert pool contractor team can guide you into a beautiful and FUNCTIONAL pool resurfacing or renovation project that will create lasting happiness for years to come. If you're interested in starting a quote, please call us at 80-549-4701 or visit our showroom.

How Much Does Pool Resurfacing Boca Raton Cost?

If you're looking for a simple new pool finish on your existing pool, you can expect to pay for demolition and removal per square foot and new plaster per square foot. The pool finish price varies depending on the color, mixed materials like glass beads or pebbles and square footage. A price range can span wide which makes it hard to determine a one size fits all price for pool resurfacing. On average, you can expect $10 per sqft demolition and $15 per sqft for Pool Resurfacing for the project in total.

For example, a standard rectangular 15 ft x 30 ft ( 450 sqft) swimming pool resurfacing may cost around $4500 for demolition / preparation and $6750 for the Diamond Brite Gem Finish for a project cost of $11,250 in total. Adding in custom glass tiles usually runs an average of $15 per linear foot which would add another 90 lnft cost of $1350. Lastly, upgrading to a Travertine Deck typically costs around $14 per piece (1 sqft) which could run you another 300 square feet of decking at $5000.

For a full Pool Resurfacing in Boca Raton on a sample 15x30 swimming pool including Tile, Travertine upgraded Decking and Pool Resurfacing you can expect around 15,000 to 20,000 dollars. The two options for payment are Pay as you Go or Financing. Payments for both options are made to the Pool Contractor in Phases that go as follows.

Pool Resurfacing Payment Phases

  1. Down Payment (10%)
  2. Demolition (25%)
  3. Preparation (25%)
  4. Tile (15%)
  5. Decking (20%)
  6. Plaster (5%)

The process can vary depending on the scope of work, you'll be advised well ahead of time and be able to adjust accordingly.

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Colton now holds a State License and is the head contractor and owner of Hang 10 Pools.

Colton's passion about pools and chemistry go hand in hand. He graduated from University of Central Florida in Health Sciences (Pre Clinical) prior to becoming a full time Entrepreneur. His first business was selling colored shoelaces in the 6th grade and he has loved it ever since.

Now Woodard takes pride in the tradition of excellent Swimming Pools that Hang 10 Pools has been building since 2019.

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